Vedastone - engineered surfaces - quartz - stone surfaces - FAQ

Elven Group is a distributor of Vedastone, therefore to purchase our product you will need to contact your local kitchen retailer, cabinet maker or stonemason/fabricator. We have preferred fabricators/stonemasons that can assist with the supply & install of Vedastone, please contact our office for more information.

Elven Group can help with the selection of a Vedastone product and direct you to one of our preferred fabricators for a quote. We have a very friendly in-house team that works together with our preferred fabricators to provide you with a quote depending on the size of your project. Please contact our office for more information. 

Each of the Vedastone colour ranges being Essential Range, Starlight Range, Harmonia Range and Noble range vary in price. The essential range is the most affordable and competitively priced, then comes the Starlight Range followed by the Harmonia Range and then we have our Noble range which is the marble look quartz.

Vedastone is heat resistant and handles exposure to moderate temperatures. However like all stone material, Vedastone can be damaged by sudden and/or rapid temperature change. We suggest that hot pots and pans never be directly placed on surfaces

Vedastone is also scratch resistant and is one of the hardest materials in nature, it will not scratch and chip easily. However, it  is not scratch proof and should not be used as a chopping board. A chopping board should always be used on Vedastone surfaces.

Vedastone is also stain resistant. Although like all stone material, we suggest you remove harsh substances like red wine or bleach immediately, as the longer it is left it may leave a slight mark. Refer to ‘How do I clean my Vedastone benchtop’ for more information.

Vedastone is extremely low maintenance. Wiping the surface with warm water and stone cleaner or mild neutral detergent (PH neutral) is all you need to remove everyday marks on your benchtop. Your benchtop has been made to always look fresh with low maintenance. Click here to download the Vedastone Care & Maintenance Guide.

Most stone benchtop suppliers possess similar properties and have above 90% quartz in the product. Through Vedastone, we provide excellent customer service and ongoing commitment to our clients. While Vedastone is a new product in the market, Elven Group of companies are prominent and respected business Internationally that have a wealth of experience and respect in the building and construction industry. Elven Group has also trialed & tested the product and rigorously researched the supplier to ensure we are providing quality to the market. 

Yes. All Vedastone products are guaranteed by a 10 year Limited warranty, please click here to download of the Vedastone warranty.

Vedastone’s warranty does not cover the use outdoor application (including swimming pool) and Vedastone being exposed to outside weather and climate conditions.

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