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Edging profiles to meet your needs

A range of our most popular edging profiles available are illustrated below.





Kalingastone Mitered Apron edging     


Please contact Vedastone for any custom requirements.


A thickness to suit

Our Engineered Quartz is available in 20mm, popular thicknesses for most applications.
The nominal dimensions of our quartz slabs are 3040mm x 1400mm.

Custom orders can also be arranged to suit your needs.


A surface finish that stands apart

Apart from polished surfaces, Vedastone is able to offer some Technistone products in different surface finishes: antique, matt, honed, slate, brushed.
We invite you to contact us for more information on these special order products.

An antique surface feels very pleasant on the touch. It has medium gloss level and would suit all sophisticated interiors.

A matt surface is fashionable new surface that is characterised by its visible seed texture and lower gloss level. It feels warm, almost leather like and therefore is a wonderful compliment to a family home interior.  

A honed surface feels smooth to the touch and has a lower gloss level. Its main advantage is that the structure of the honed surface provides anti-slip properties and is therefore highly suitable for tiles in public buildings.

A slate surface has characteristic notch 3D structure and therefore creates a very natural look. It is easier to maintain than a honed surface and has a minimum gloss level. Slate is recommended where an interior design calls for a ‘chic’ look.

A unique gross surface with a visible ball shape and dip structure. Developed for stylish interiors where a natural look without gloss is essential.

Quality Assurance


Made to suit your requirements

Different edging profiles, slab thicknesses and surface finishings can be ordered to meet your deadline.

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