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Marble benchtops are notoriously expensive, and can set you back a small fortune, just to achieve your dream kitchen. That’s where we come in, with our new Marble Look Noble Range of benchtops.

Vedastone Noble Supreme White

This new range is extremely affordable, all while giving your living space a luxurious and silky feel. Made from engineered quartz, the elegance of a marble look benchtop is within reach for everyone. At Vedastone we are committed to going the extra mile, and are here to help you achieve your dream home, on an affordable budget. The Marble Look Noble Range is a great alternative to marble benchtops as it is affordable and stylish at the same time. We are dedicated to giving you the best products available, and the Noble Range is just that.

The Noble Range colour palette consists of four exquisite colours, that are flexible for any purpose or space. Ranging from a crisp Supreme White to a warmer Botticino or Troya, our Noble range is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom benchtops, bathroom vanities, and so much more. The quality of this range is second to none, and will make your chosen space look and feel fantastic.
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Want to know what’s even better? At Vedastone we maintain quality assurance of all of our products.  Our entire range is Acid Resistant, Nonporous, Scratch and Stain Resistant and also Heat Resistant. Which means it suits all types of lifestyles and purposes. Whether you have kids, making a mess and causing havoc, or you are a commercial company looking for a new product to use, Vedastone Noble Range is for you.

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Our previous clients love this product just as much as us too, their testimonials below prove that! Austrend2_Final

We’re loving our new kitchen and Vedastone marble look benchtop, full of style at an affordable price. “

“Vedastone is a great new quality product, that is easy to work with and the colour range really suits today’s market. “

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