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What bench top finishes are trending at the moment?
We believe that Engineered Stone remains a very popular choice for bench tops. Stainless Steel and Timber are also suitable and are popular choices. We find that customers generally prefer Engineered Stone such as Vedastone as their bench top choice as Engineered Stone has various finishes at a very affordable prices for any home or project. We have also found that Matt finishes in Engineered Stone is in and achieves a more industrial look for Kitchens.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a benchtop?
Choosing the right material for your bench top especially for your Kitchen is very important, as it’s where it’s most predominately used. Engineered Stone is one of the top choices today. Unlike Granite and natural surfaces, Vedastone does not require sealing as the composites when manufactured provide maximum protection making it both stain, heat & scratch resistant. Affordability is another key feature in choosing a bench top and at Vedastone we have a number of ranges to suit everyone

Can we mix bench tops?
Yes, definitely. We have seen different combinations of stone with stainless steel & timber. Most common combination we see is our Vedastone bench top with stainless steel edging as it compliments the colours, tones and textures in the stone

What colours are fashion forward?
We have recently found that the natural look is the in trend. Customers seem to prefer their palette to consist of pure whites, grey’s and even lighter, natural look marble colours for a simplistic neutral look. Recently customers are moving towards the concrete look Matt Finish colours. At Vedastone, we have recently introduced two of our most popular grey colours in Matt Finish being Gobi Grey Matt and Harmonia Yosemite Matt.

What thicknesses are in?
It really depends on where the bench top will be situated. Most Kitchen benchtops currently are in either 20mm or 40mm, in some cases we have seen Kitchens made in 80mm or even 100mm. With Bathrooms on the other hand 20m or 30mm is most commonly used. We have found that customers tend to go more for the 40mm with waterfall edging in the Kitchen to ensure an elegant flow in the Kitchen design.

Why should i invest in a good bench top?
Most of us are looking for a bench top that is appealing to the eye and importantly is resilient and practical , given a Kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only do we want it to be long lasting but we want it to stand out, to be a feature point in the home or project. Investing in good quality bench top is also peace of mind that you have sourced a high quality product from a respectable stone manufacturer. With Vedastone, proud distributors of Technistone you will achieve that peace of mind! Technistone is recognized around the world as a quality European manufacturer supplying engineered stone to over 75 countries over 5 continents for over 25 years

How should I care for my bench top?
Vedastone is very easy to clean and look after. Simply wiping your surface with warm soapy water after use will remove everyday marks on bench top. On most occasions this is really all that is required for daily cleaning. Engineered stone products will not scratch or chip easily, however it is recommended that you do not cut or chop directly on your bench top or place hot pots or pans directly on the surface. We recommend always following the manufacturers’ guidelines for use and cleaning.

Are lighter engineered stone colours harder to care for?
Engineered stone such as Vedastone is extremely low maintenance and is easier to look after than softer materials like veneer and some natural product surfaces. This is the case for all engineered stone colours as the manufacturing process is the same for all colours. It is recommended that for spills of products like red wine, beetroot or strawberry juice, it’s best to wipe straight off with warm soapy water. If you leave a harsh substance to sit overnight you may require a specialized cleaning product to remove it, all manufacturers of engineered stone have these products available. As with any product you use for kitchens benchtops it is always recommended that you follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for use and cleaning

What should I look for in a Fabricator prior to installation?
We believe that it’s important to go with a recognised Tradie. Ensure your Fabricator or Cabinet Maker is a registered trade. Cabinet Makers may also be a member of a professional body like CMA (Cabinet Makers Association). Prior to engaging a tradie, enquire about how they protect the engineered stone product during transportation, storage and installation of the product. This is to ensure there is no damage prior to installation and during installation of the product. A good tradie will ensure that the product is quality assured throughout the fabrication and installation process. At

Vedastone are here to help so if you’re in need of a Fabricator or Cabinet Maker, give us a call and we will be more than happy to refer a couple to you, after all we do believe you deserve the best!

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