3 Reasons to Consider a Dark Colour Palette for Your Home

A dark interior is something people usually stray away from. It’s for the bold and the brave. The norm is to have a light-coloured space with bright white walls. Although it is beautiful and minimalistic, it is mainstream and overdone. There are multiple ways that a dark colour palette adds personality to your home.

The perfect backdrop for art and other objects


The darkness of your walls will make anything in front of it stand out. This is great if you love displaying art in your home. When guests walk in, they will be attracted to your art. However, art displayed in a light home is more likely to go unnoticed as it blends in.


Timeless and classic


A space with a dark colour palette exudes elegance and luxury. It is timeless and classic and will complement bright colours. This is a great way to balance out your home.


Easier to maintain!

With the dark interior, marks and spots on the walls will go unnoticed, making it easier to maintain.


At Vedastone, our Royale Nero porcelain panel is wonderful. With the black backdrop and white veins running through the panel, its beauty is effortless and elegant. This panel will complement any setting, especially the kitchen and bathroom. It also comes in a matte or polished finish to suit your desired appeal. We offer a diverse range of panels that cater to many desires, whether you prefer a light or dark coloured palette. We can send up to four samples directly to ensure that you make the right decision for your home. All you have to do is fill out the form.


If you have any questions regarding design or building, we would love to answer all your enquiries. Contact us here.


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