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Written By: Toral Pindolia (Interior Designer) & Amanda Taylor (Marketing Assistant)
I’ve had the opportunity to interior design some of Elven Property’s most recent developments in Balcatta and Innaloo. I’ve also had experience with high-rise apartments and more boutique luxury developments. Often, the developer will collect a number of material samples that they love, but struggle to find a cohesive scheme that works well. This can often result in an arrangement that looks good on paper, but does not translate well on the finished product.
Here are some examples of stunning and successful bench top and splashback combinations to help you plan your own mix of kitchen finishes, along with tips to ease the selection process.
Which do you select first – kitchen bench top or splash back? How do you co-ordinate colours? Is it ok to mix patterns? The seemingly unlimited splashback and bench top choices can feel overwhelming…
Step 1: Selecting your dream bench top
The bench top selection process can be fun for some people, but a headache for others. Through my work, I find that sometimes it is easier to start with the bench top of your choice, and then find a scheme that works around it. This method works particularly well if the overall scheme of your development is relatively neutral. One of the best reasons for doing this is that your bench top can be a real feature and is one of the things people notice first when entering the space, so don’t make it an afterthought.
Step 2: Choosing the right cabinets/splashbacks for my home
Once you have selected your bench top, you can then move on to the cabinet and splashback selection. If you have gone for a restrained and neutral bench top, you can always ‘splash out’ on a funky splashback to make an even bigger statement. Just look at the use of the bright pink cabinets in the above pictures on a neutral Vedastone bench top.
For more direction on selections, Home Base in Perth has plenty of options for splashbacks and cabinet colours. Be sure to bring a sample of your chosen Vedastone quartz bench top with you so you can put together different colour combinations. There are so many options to choose from, be it glass, tiles or Vedastone for your splashback. You will be able to instantly finalise your splashback options to those that work with your bench top material. If you are struggling with finding the right materials to work with your bench top selection, consider hiring a pro, even if it is for just a few hours, to help you nail your selection. Or enlist the help of a colour or design-savvy friend.
Of course, if you happen to find a splashback you absolutely love before you’ve even looked at bench tops, I say go for it. Making this selection will absolutely help you narrow down the options for the bench top. If you go for a statement-making splashback such as the one here, find a subtle, more neutral looking bench top material and cabinet colour so that it does not fight with the splashback.
A statement lime green splashback could look garish and brash if paired with the wrong bench top and cabinet, but in this arrangement, the use of a dark contrasting Vedastone Nero Diamante bench top, and simple white and glass cabinets neutralises a potentially brash colour choice.
Crystal Absolute White By Perez Kitchen Design - Vedastone
Harmonia Yosemitte Matt By Indesign WA Kitchen - Vedastone
Step 3: KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
Absolutely loving your Vedastone quartz selection? Why not simply keep the bench top and splashback the same. This is a trend I see more and more of every day. For those that love simplicity, using the same material for both bench top and splashback creates a seamless finish. It also allows you to add interest and colour in other areas, such as light fittings, handles and accessories. Love the colour red, but thinking about moving house in a few years time? Then this could be the option for you. Add that pop of colour with some great accessories, and then when the times comes to sell, potential buyers will have a perfect blank slate on which they can add their own personality.
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