A statement wall can be the make or break of your home. t is the first thing you notice when you walk in and is something every guest will comment on. It can add personality in ways a room would normally not have. 

Why create a feature wall in your home?

To put it simply, they give interior and exterior spaces a decorative focal point. On top of that, they are a great way to give your space a new look and feel. Statement walls can reinvigorate the style of the home without the expense of redecorating the entire room.

The options are endless, whether you are looking at your living room, dining room over even a children’s room. Each space offers huge potential for feature walls, as there is ample scope for creating that much needed focal point. Finally, applying a feature wall to a small room can enhance a space while providing the illusion of a larger area.

An excellent option is the Calacatta Artiste.

The Calacatta Artiste come in large format Porcelain panels that feature large marble patters throughout the slab. With rich brown and red veining trinkled throughout, the Calacatta Artiste is the perfect choice for a feature wall or benchtop. 

We are highlighting the Calacatta Artiste for its tonal and textured look, offering the visual variety of natural stone whilst maintaining the softness associated with a Vedastone signature.

Calacatta Artiste Showroom - Vedastone

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