FAQ about Large Format
Porcelain panels

Large format porcelain panels are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after surface materials across Australia with many different brands now offering some type of porcelain panel option.

Vedastone Porcelain is the latest product offering from WA owned and operated; Vedastone, it is a large format porcelain panel made using the latest European manufacturing equipment ensuring that it is one of the stand out products currently on the market.

As an upcoming product, we wanted to answer some of your most requested questions regarding Vedastone Porcelain.

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    Q. Is Vedastone Porcelain suitable behind a cooktop?

    Because Vedastone Porcelain is heat resistant to 1300C it is the perfect material for a splashback behind a cooktop. As Vedastone Porcelain is also stain proof, cleaning the area behind the cooktop is easy. All you need to do is wipe the area with a damp cloth and the area will be clean!

    Q. Is Vedastone Porcelain stain proof?

    YES! It’s a big call to make but Yes, it really is stain PROOF! If you need to see if to believe it, watch this video showing how stain proof Vedastone Porcelain really is.

    Q. Where can I use Vedastone Porcelain Panels?

    One of the great things about Vedastone Porcelain is how versatile it is, it can be used in many different applications whilst achieving high standards of quality.

    Vedastone Porcelain can be used in the following applications:

    • Splashbacks
    • Benchtops (12mm only)
    • Internal Wall Cladding (Feature Walls)
    • Flooring
    • Shower Walls
    • Fireplace Surrounds
    • Staircases
    • Alfresco BBQ Areas
    • External Wall Cladding
    Q. What sizes are Vedastone Porcelain Panels?

    Vedastone Porcelain, Large Format Porcelain Panels are available in one size; 3200mm x 1600mm. The large sizes of our panels allow you greater versatility in designing your new space.

    Q. How can I buy Vedastone Porcelain Panels?

    If you are wanting to use Vedastone Porcelain for your project, there are a couple of different ways that you can purchase it depending on where you are using it.

    1. If you are wanting to use Vedastone Porcelain panels for your splashback, simply fill out this splashback quote form and send us a drawing of your kitchen along with your favourite colour and the thickness you want to use. We will then send you a rough quote for you to review and if you are happy to proceed, we will organise someone to come to your property for a final measure. Once that happens, we will organise your splashback cut to measurement, and installed at your property.
    2. If you are building a new home, you can tell the builder that you would like our product, and then they will get in contact with us or their stone mason to purchase.
    3. If you are renovating an area of your house and you are using a fabricator, you can contact them and request our product. Then they will purchase directly from us.
    4. If you are renovating an area of your house and you do not have a fabricator, you can contact us directly, and we will put you in touch with one of our recommended fabricators who can then purchase our products for you.
    Q. Can Vedastone Porcelain be used outside?

    Vedastone Porcelain can be used outside due to its high durability and UV stability. Unlike engineered stone, porcelain panels are UV stable, meaning the colour in the panels will not fade over time. As well as this, Vedastone Porcelain is highly durable and can withstand wind, rain and sea air damage.

    For this reason, Vedastone Porcelain is perfect for any alfresco BBQ areas or external facades.

    Q. Are Thicker Porcelain Panels Better?

    Our Large Format Porcelain Panels are available in two thicknesses; 6mm and 12mm. Each thickness is better for different applications. For example, we recommend for Porcelain benchtops to use 12mm panels as they are more durable than our 6mm panels. For splashbacks we recommend using 6mm panels as they are more cost effective, however both 6mm and 12mm panels are suitable for use. For any wall cladding we recommend using 6mm panels as they are lighter and easier to manoeuvre when cladding a wall compared to our 12mm panels.