Glass VS porcelain splashback

When it comes to designing your kitchen in Perth, there are many decisions to be made. One of those crucial decisions is choosing the right kitchen splashback. Often overlooked but simultaneously, very impactful, a splashback is a statement that you may either want standing out or blending in.

Out of the plethora of choices, the two choices we are going to focus on are porcelain stone and glass.

Glass splashback

Glass splashbacks can be a very practical solution for your kitchen area. However, water and grease splashes show on dark surfaces so although stunning, a dark grey or black glass will be high maintenance!

With smooth, reflective surfaces and uninterrupted lines, glass splashbacks can simply and effectively improve the overall look of your kitchen area. Opting for a mirror reflective finish for your kitchen splashback is also a great way of creating the illusion of additional space.


Porcelain stone splashbacks:

A porcelain stone splashback provides your kitchen an opportunity to shine. The beautiful veining in our stone reflects that of marble, but without the equivalent price tag.  When porcelain stones are positioned vertically, they become a work of art.

When considering this option, ensure that you view a piece of the stone in a horizontal position and then a piece with it in a vertical position next to it so that you can see how different they look.  Furthermore, Vedastone is stain-resistant and waterproof!


Our advice

We recommend assessing your options from both an aesthetic and practical perspective. We have helped countless clients make the right splashback decision for their Perth home. Get in touch with us today!

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