Vedastone - engineered surfaces - quartz - stone surfaces - Colour Palette

Colour Palette

We are very priviledged to be working with the very inspiring Rebecca from BU Interior Design on our colour palette designs.

From a young age, Rebecca had a strong love for home decorating, colour, interior styling and creating art in her spare time which soon become apparent she was destined to be an Interior Designer.

As you can see from the colour palette designs below,  Rebecca has the design eye for colour selections that will bring out the true beauty of your Vedastone benchtops, splashbacks, decorative walls and more in your home.


Noble Pietra Grey 1

Noble Pietra Grey from our NobleRange.

Noble Olympos Mist 2

Noble Olympos Mist from our NobleRange.

 Harmonia Dolomites 1      

Harmonia Dolomites from our Harmonia Range.

Harmonia Yosemite 1

Harmonia Yosemite from our Harmonia Range.

 Noble Supreme White Colour Palette 3

Noble Supreme White from our Noble Range.

 Noble Carrara Colour Palette 1

Noble Carrara from our Noble Range.

 Noble Bottocino Designer 1

 Noble Bottocino from our Noble Range.

 Noble Troya 1

Noble Troya from our Noble Range.

Rebecca offers half day or full day consultations for any room in your home including assisting with colour selections, tile selections, fitting & fixtures selections, style and design for both new builds and renovations. For more information visit:

Rebecca believes 'That our homes reflect our own peronal story and should be a blend of comfort & style' and we agree!

Thanks again Rebecca, you're a very inspiring designer and we love your work!


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