Introducing the latest home to feature Vedastone. This home in Mindarie was built by Broadwater Builds and carries Vedastone throughout. From the benchtops, to the primary dining area to the upstairs fireplaces – this home is truly embellished with the Vedastone touch. 

A home that takes anyone’s breath away, the stone very smoothly blends in with the waterfront scenery, providing snippets of a Tuscan summer. 

Wouldn’t you agree that our stone really makes this residence stand out and embody an unspoken authenticity?


To all Perth builders, home buyers and those looking to build as an investment – if you would like to add that extra sense of refined luxury to your home, why not consider installing Vedastone in your home build or renovation? Speak to us today!

Luxe Living - Vedastone
Luxe Living - Vedastone

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