Project Showcase:
Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

Featured Product: Royale Grey Matt 

Job Description: Bathroom, Laundry and Powder Room Renovation

Location: Woodvale, WA 

Together with Maszac Building and Kitchen Capital WA, this client has transformed their existing laundry, bathroom and powder room in their long time family home.

The vision for this extensive renovation project was to create an updated and modernised space that maximised the available space in a functional manner. Requiring a view of the whole area rather than individual rooms was the key to this vision as many walls and doors were removed and layouts changed.

A couple of years prior this client had used Maszac Building and Kitchen Capital to complete their kitchen and en-suite renovation, and thought there wasn’t a better team to use when beginning this new project. Impressed by their standard of design and workmanship, they would recommend both companies to anyone undertaking their own renovation project.

In designing their new spaces, the clients wanted to utilise large format porcelain panels wherever possible, and wanted to achieve a modern look that wouldn’t look dated quickly. Choosing Royale Grey Matt due to its colour and texture, the clients wanted a minimalist 12mm thick edge profile. Having a surface that was impervious to staining and had no grout was a perfect option for the bathrooms and laundry!

Due to the double vanities the bathroom is given an added feeling of space, as well as capturing lots of natural light. Mirror finishes to the plinths under the vanities gives the illusion of a floating vanity that enhances the openness and uniqueness of the space. The neutral colour palette that was chosen brings a feeling of peace and calm into these beautiful rooms.