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Vedastone Quartz Brochure 2019

Vedastone Porcelain Brochure 2020

Latest Vedastone Brochures

Technical Documents

Download all available Vedastone documentation with technical information, safety information, care and maintenanace, and variety documents.

Vedastone Porcelain

Vedastone Porcelain Fabrication & Installation Guide

Vedastone Porcelain Care & Maintenance Guide

Vedastone Porcelain Good Practice Guide

Vedastone Porcelain Warranty Document

Vedastone Quartz

Vedastone Quartz Fabrication & Installation guide
Vedastone Quartz Good Practice Guide
Vedastone Quartz Care & Maintenance Guide
Vedastone Quartz Warranty Document

Glue & Fixing Recommendations

Download the latest information for our recommended glues.

ARDEX Australia

ARDEX E 90 Datasheet
ARDEX S 28 Neu Datasheet
ARDEX WA 100 Datasheet


Kerabond Plus
Ultralite S2
Ceramic & Stone Adhesives
Instruction for Installing Large Format Ceramic Tiles


2 Part Rapid Datasheet
Fixing Sheet Porcelain Tiles


HTS White (High Tensile Strength Tile Adhesive)
Fixing Thin & Large Format Sheet Porcelain Tiles

Mechanical Fixing Recommendations

Download the latest information for our recommended fixing solutions.

Mechanical Fixing

Mecano Gumba