The complete buyers
guide to vedastone porcelain

Before you make the decision to buy Vedastone Porcelain for your new project, it is important to understand what exactly you are buying, and what is the best option for your space.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to purchasing Porcelain panels in Perth, follow this guide and you are sure to find the product that is right for you!

WhAT Are large format porcelain panels?

Large Format Porcelain Panels like Vedastone Porcelain are made by bonding together fine particles and pigments through a process of natural isostatic pressing, these are then pressed under high pressure and left without tension so they are free to expand.

The material is then cut to size (3200mm x 1600mm) and fed through a digital decoration system to form the panels into different finishes and print different surface colours. Once complete the panels go through a kilning process at extremely high temperatures and are now ready to be used.

Guide to Vedastone Porcelain

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    Why choose large format porcelain?

    Our porcelain panels are ideal for use as kitchen, laundry, and bathroom benchtops due to their high density and low porosity. Our porcelain panels are stain proof, making cleaning up easy! Our porcelain panels also possess exceptional scratching and abrasion resistance.

    Vedastone Porcelain panels are also heat and fire resistant, which make them perfect for benchtops and splashback surfaces surrounding gas cooktops and fireplaces. Porcelain panels are UV resistant, which means they will not fade over time in direct sunlight, unlike engineered stone. For this reason, they are a great option for any outdoor kitchen surfaces.

    Vedastone Porcelain is currently available in 3200mm x 1600mm, fully rectified panels, in both 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. These large sizes are helpful in avoiding seams or joins in long benchtops and splashbacks.

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    Stain Proof

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    Heat Resistant
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    Hygienic Surface

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    Scratch Resistant
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    UV Stable
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    Impact Resistant

    Understanding your space

    When choosing your favourite Vedastone Porcelain panel, it is important to understand the area that you will be using it in, as different areas of your home or project may require different functionality and characteristics, that only our 6mm, or 12mm or matt or polished panels provide.

    Let’s take a look at the different application you can use Vedastone Porcelain panels.

    • Both our 6mm and 12mm panels are suitable for use as a splashback material. We recommend using a 6mm panel as they are easier to install due to being light weight and they are more cost efficient compared to other splashback material.
    Kitchen, Laundry or Bathroom Benchtops
    • We only recommend using 12mm panels for any benchtop. This is due to our 12mm panels being a lot more durable than our 6mm panels.
    • We also recommend choosing a matt surface over a polished surface as although both are scratch resistant, our matt surfaces are MORE scratch resistant.
    Wall Cladding (Internal & External)
    • We recommend that if you are going to clad any walls (internal or external) you should use or 6mm panels. This is because of the weight difference between our 12mm and 6mm panels, 74kg approx. and 140kg approx. respectively.
    • We recommend using 6mm porcelain panels for flooring because like we have stated previously, they are lightweight and therefore easier to install compared to our 12mm panels.
    Vedastone Porcelain Benchtop - Vedastone
    Vedastone Porcelain Benchtop
    Vedastone Porcelain Benchtop

    Choosing the right colour

    Now that you have determined the thickness and the finish that you require based on the area you are considering using porcelain panels, you can now begin selecting  the colours you like the best.

    Once you have narrowed down your choices, we recommend booking in a showroom visit to see the panels in person. Booking a showroom visit is easily done through our website, seeing the panels in their full size can really help with deciding on your perfect colour.

    How do I purchase Vedastone Porcelain?

    Now that you have chosen the colour you want in your home, you need to buy it, but how do you do that? Well it depends on what you are using the panels for, as some applications require more expertise in cutting and installing the panels then other applications.

    I’m using the panels for a splashback
    • If you are using our porcelain panels as a splashback, we can provide you with a direct quote for cutting and installing our panels. The process is easy as 1,2,3.
    • Send a copy of your splashback drawings (measurements) along with your desired colour and thickness to or visit and complete the form.
    • We will provide you a quote based on colour availability of your selections for your review. We then send someone out to do a final site measure, so we have the exact measurements for cutting.
    • We cut and install your new Vedastone Porcelain splashback.
    I’m using the panels for a benchtop
    • If you are using our porcelain panels for a benchtop, then you will need to speak to one of our recommended fabricators, who will complete the cutting and installation.
    • You can download our recommended fabricators list by emailing, once you have chosen your fabricator, send them an email with your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or outdoor area plans along with your desired colour.
    • They will then send you a quote for your benchtop. If you are satisfied with the quote, they will place a purchase order with us, and then cut and install your new Vedastone Porcelain benchtop.
    I’m using the panels for my bathroom walls, or a feature wall
    • If you are using our porcelain panels for cladding in your bathroom or a feature wall you will need a professional tiler to complete the installation. You can download a list of our recommended tilers by emailing
    • Once you have chosen your tiler, you can either go directly through them and send them your plans and desired Vedastone Porcelain colour


    • You can send us your plans and desired colour and we will provide you with a quote based on colour availability. From there we will organise a site measure, to gain the specific measurements and then proceed to cutting and installing your new Vedastone Porcelain wall.
    Guide to Vedastone Porcelain

    Download your FREE ‘Complete Buyers Guide to Vedastone Porcelain’ Brochure!