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The main aim of a kitchen, bathroom and laundry porcelain splashback is to prevent splashes, stains and damage caused by water and food preparation. Porcelain splashbacks are a durable, stain-proof and wear-resistant choice, compared to their glass counterparts. Porcelain is also highly hygienic since it has a flat, smooth surface, which prevents mould growth, – making it much easier to clean.

With classy, clear and brilliant colour options, porcelain splashbacks are a material that soften a space with light, providing a warm, airy environment. Making any space pop, having a porcelain splashback means you will need minimal additions to a kitchen, laundry or bathroom space.

If you’re looking to elevate your home with an opulent porcelain splashback, Vedastone offers a variety of options that may be used to make a visually appealing and long-lasting splashback. Get in touch with us to get your dream kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

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