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Coastal style homes are becoming very much in trend lately. This is why we have decided to spotlight one of our popular products, The Calacatta Santorini.  One can achieve a sense of tranquil beauty with this stone, without the hassle of maintaining it. Calacatta Santorini is one of the most sought after luxurious porcerlain panels we stock, and for good reason. 

On top of being stain proof and scratch resistant, this product exemplifies a kitchen or bathroom’s character, bringing out your home’s uniqueness. 

Pristine, soft and understated

A modern coastal kitchen beckons for a layered palette of gentle hues.  The creamy and crisp colours that come with the Calacatta Santorini provide snippets of a coastal lifestyle afforded by it’s namesake equal. Providing a glimpse into the Greek Islands counterpart, the Calacatta Santorini was made for a chic and casual beachfront ambience.

The soft aesthetic of the Calacatta Santorini, paired with the pristine patterns throughout bring forth an understated luxury. All this without being too loud or imposing. 

Calacatta Santorini Kitchen - Vedastone

A statement to be remembered

Through the generations, the Calacatta Santorini will be cherished and remembered as a mark of your home. Guests will comment through the years, as the product is also built to stand the test of time. The timeless design and style will hold impact through the fluctuations of trends. 

Concrete Ash Kitchen - Vedastone

Bonus Tip - Introduce luxe touches

To further amplify a sense of coastal serenity, never underestimate the impact of those carefully considered little touches. For us, the kitchen is the true heart of the home and is a gathering place for loved ones. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to make a kitchen island feel like a grand statement with touches that enhance the feel you are going for. Remember, this space serves as the perfect backdrop for memories to be created.

Calacatta Santorini Kitchen - Vedastone

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